Ruby RTF

Welcome to the home page for the Ruby RTF project. This project provides a library that can be used to create Rich Text Format (RTF) documents through code (using the Ruby programming language obviously).

The Ruby RTF library supports the creation of document and document style elements. Styling is applied at a number of different levels. The library currently supports character styling (bold, italic, underline etc.), paragraph styling (justification, line spacing, indentation etc.) and document style (margins, paper sizes, page orientation etc.).

The Ruby RTF project is hosted on the Ruby Forge website. The library is provided in the Ruby gem format and, as it has been completely written in Ruby, is cross platform.


Ruby RTF 0.1.0 Released [18-Nov-2005]

This is the first release of the Ruby RTF library. This release provides an extensive set of functionality and, while it is an early release, is still very usable. The library is supplied with API documentation, a short introduction to getting started and a number of example scripts.


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