Class RTF::CharacterStyle
In: lib/rtf/style.rb
Parent: Style

This class represents a character style for an RTF document.


External Aliases

capitalise -> capitalize
capitalise= -> capitalize=


background  [R]  Attribute accessor.
background  [W]  Attribute mutator.
bold  [R]  Attribute accessor.
bold  [W]  Attribute mutator.
capitalise  [R]  Attribute accessor.
capitalise  [W]  Attribute mutator.
flow  [W]  Attribute mutator.
flow  [R]  Attribute accessor.
font  [W]  Attribute mutator.
font  [R]  Attribute accessor.
font_size  [R]  Attribute accessor.
font_size  [W]  Attribute mutator.
foreground  [W]  Attribute mutator.
foreground  [R]  Attribute accessor.
hidden  [W]  Attribute mutator.
hidden  [R]  Attribute accessor.
italic  [R]  Attribute accessor.
italic  [W]  Attribute mutator.
strike  [W]  Attribute mutator.
strike  [R]  Attribute accessor.
subscript  [R]  Attribute accessor.
subscript  [W]  Attribute mutator.
superscript  [R]  Attribute accessor.
superscript  [W]  Attribute mutator.
underline  [R]  Attribute accessor.
underline  [W]  Attribute mutator.

Public Class methods

This is the constructor for the CharacterStyle class.


RTFError:Generate if the parent style specified is not an instance of the CharacterStyle class.

Public Instance methods

This method overrides the is_character_style? method inherited from the Style class to always return true.

This method generates a string containing the prefix associated with a style object.


fonts:A reference to a FontTable containing any fonts used by the style (may be nil if no fonts used).
colours:A reference to a ColourTable containing any colours used by the style (may be nil if no colours used).