Class RTF::TableRowNode
In: lib/rtf/node.rb
Parent: ContainerNode

This class represents a row within an RTF table. The TableRowNode is a specialised container node that can hold only TableCellNodes and, once created, cannot be resized. Its also not possible to change the parent of a TableRowNode object.


Public Class methods

This is the constructor for the TableRowNode class.

table:A reference to table that owns the row.
cells:The number of cells that the row will contain.
widths:One or more integers specifying the widths for the table columns

Public Instance methods

This method assigns a border width setting to all of the sides on all of the cells within a table row.


width:The border width setting to apply. Negative values are ignored and zero switches the border off.

Attrobute accessors

This method overloads the parent= method inherited from the Node class to forbid the alteration of the cells parent.


parent:A reference to the new node parent.

This method sets the shading colour for a row.


colour:A reference to the Colour object that represents the new shading colour. Set to nil to switch shading off.

This method generates the RTF document text for a TableCellNode object.